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Argentina is the 5th biggest wine producing country in the world. It has a long heritage of making wine in the foothills and high plains on the eastern side of the Andes, dating back to the 1600s. The Mendoza area is Argentina’s largest wine producing region.


The Mendoza River serves as irrigation for many of the oldest vineyards that are planted in the alluvial soil. It’s little organic matter restrains the grapevines growth resulting in excellent quality grapes suitable for winemaking. Mendoza is the star of the show due to the incredible diversity of its wine production. It is an area that is an emerging ecotourism destination and a base for exploring the hundreds of wineries.

In November 2010, The Argentine government declared wine as Argentina’s national liquor. We couldn’t agree more!


It’s these traditions, exceptional micro climate with 300 days of sun a year, a natural love for wine and the passion for enjoyment we have captured for you in a bottle of Austin Bailey Wine.

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