The wine making process has always fascinated me. There is something incredibly satisfying seeing the grapes start their life in the vineyard to the last drop in the bottle. Every bottle of wine tells a different story and a different journey.

I love Argentina because of the culture and the people. Their warm and charming personality always makes me feel at home and I feel extremely lucky to have such a close connection to the country.

Jemma & Craig

Becoming properly acquainted with Argentinian wine has been such a pleasure. The culture and lifestyle is something we can massively relate to having been brought up in South Africa.. It’s like a homecoming for us. Meeting Alex was like it was meant to be.


A dinner party with plenty of friends around the table kicked off a dream we all had. Now the dream has become reality and we couldn’t be happier about it. 


I was fortunate enough to grow up in beautiful Mendoza, surrounded by some of the best grapes in the world. 


I truly believe one of life’s greatest pleasures is to enjoy and live in the moment - a conversation with loved ones and if enjoyed with a bottle of good wine, even better! It’s great to know that everyone in the team shares this philosophy.

A single glass of wine tells the story of the grapes for an entire year: soil expression, weather conditions, treatment of the vine and focusing on quality throughout the winemaking process.

A single glass of wine can also be the beginning of a story, our story.

Alex Austin

An autumnal September evening back in 2017, sets the scene for the birth of Austin Bailey Wines. A dinner party between friends with plenty of wine, food and background music is where it all began. Alex was invited to hold a wine tasting that evening and happened to be sitting next to Jemma and Craig. A few glasses later Alex told them of his passion to create his own wine and to create something special he could share with family and friends in the UK while giving back to the community in Argentina. That was the beginning of that creation. 


We had the opportunity to combine our individual heritage and create a product that could be enjoyed by everyone but with a core focus on quality throughout. So we did. 

At Austin Bailey we like to think we blend friendship, passion and sharing and bottle it up for people to enjoy - this really is the backbone of Austin Bailey.


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