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The wine making process has always fascinated me. There is something incredibly satisfying seeing the grapes start their life in the vineyard to the last drop in the bottle. Every bottle of wine tells a different story and a different journey. I love Argentina because of the culture and the people. Their warm and charming personality always makes me feel at home and I feel extremely lucky to have such a close connection to the country.

Jemma & Craig

It was a wonderful experience to become acquainted with Argentinian wine. The culture and lifestyle is easily relatable to my South African upbringing. It’s like a homecoming.


I was fortunate to be raised in beautiful Mendoza, where some of the best grapes for wine are grown.

I believe it is one of life’s greatest pleasure to enjoy a moment, a conversation with a loved one; and if its with a bottle of good wine even better! With this incredible team I believe we share this philosophy.

A single glass of wine tells the story of the grapes for an entire year: soil expression, weather conditions, treatment of the vine and focusing on quality throughout the winemaking process.

A single glass of wine can also be the beginning of a story, our story.

Friends who feel it’s never too late to follow your dream. Wine, food and belting background tunes set the scene for our exciting lightbulb moment of creating Austin Bailey Wines.


It is an opportunity for us to combine our individual heritage to create a product to be enjoyed by all. A process that has had fun at the core with a focus on quality throughout, to bring an outstanding wine to the table.


Alex has roots in Argentina. His Argentinian Mother grew up Buenos Aires, and his dad is British. Wine has always been a part of his life since childhood. He was brought up around the hospitality industry. But it was when Alex studied as a Sommelier that his love and passion for wine was truly discovered and the beginning of an exciting journey ensued.

Christian who lives in Mendoza has had a long career in the wine industry, He brings priceless hands on experience to the team. Growing up in the wine region of Argentina he has a natural love for wine and the heritage of all wineries.


Craig and Jemma are married and originate from South Africa, but met in England. Craig’s and business experience has been paramount in the set up of Austin Bailey to make sure logistics run smoothly. Jemma has had a career in sports coaching and Pilates. This has given her invaluable experience dealing with people from all aspects of life. They both have a love for wine and the beautiful surroundings that wineries grow within. Their biggest love however, is drinking the wine and creating memories.


The blend between friends, passion and sharing grew and now has formed Austin-Bailey wines. 

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